Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

The general conditions (hereinafter ‘the conditions’) of Travel Agency QUICKTOUR s. r. o.(hereinafter "Quicktour Travel Agency") regulate the mutual contractual relationship between Quicktour Travel Agency as one party of the contract and any natural or legal person as the other party of the contract and user of services provided by Quicktour Travel Agency in accordance with the relevant provisions of the generally binding legal regulations of the Czech Republic such as the Civil Code, the Commercial Code, Act No. 159/1999 Coll., etc. Quicktour Travel Agency reserves its right to determine in its sales materials (catalogue, offers, etc.) different conditions taking precedence over the above conditions. An agreed arbitrator or court shall decide possible disputes. The conditions shall be binding on all involved parties.

I. Introductory provisions
QUICKTOUR Travel Agency, CRN: 28115244 Tax ID. No. CZ 28115244 that is recorded in the Commercial Register at the Regional Court in Ceske Budejovice, section C insert 18056, is a company with trade agency business activities subject to permit, i.e. mediation and business in the field of services. The subject of these business activities is lodging, boarding, guiding, interpreting, and transport services, and the services related to the programme of stays, etc.

II. Client
Clients of Quicktour Travel Agency can be all persons over 18 years of age without limitation. Persons under 15 years of age can use the services only if accompanied by their parents or a person in authority over 18 years of age, persons of 15-18 years of age with approval of their legal guardians.

III. Types and scope of services
In principle, Quicktour Travel Agency renders two types of services:

  1. Standard catalogue services, i.e. with a predetermined programme, a fixed scope of services, and fixed prices.
  2. Order services – i.e. the services rendered to order as required by the Client. The scope of contractually determined services is based on the description of services in promotional materials of the organiser and the data in the travel contract/confirmation. Any other verbal promises of the organiser or mediator are invalid. Their validity requires a written confirmation of the organiser. In case that the scope of services in promotional materials differs from the scope of services in the travel contract/confirmation, the scope in the travel contract/confirmation is the binding one.

IV. Creation of contractual relations
One party to the contractual relationship is Quicktour Travel Agency either directly or through 'contractual dealers of stays of Quicktour Travel Agency', with whom Quicktour Travel Agency has concluded a contract of dealership. The other party to the contractual relationship is the Client. The contractual relationship between the Client and Quicktour Travel Agency, whose subject matter is a catalogue and possibly other additional offers, is stated in the conclusion of the travel contract, as follows:

  • based on a confirmation via a written order, i.e. for a stay and services such as the ‘reservation form’ that is properly completed and signed by the Client, for a tour pursuant to Act No. 159/1999 Coll. and the ‘Travel contract ‘. Quicktour Travel Agency also accepts other orders that shall include all elements of a binding order (the code, place and term of stay, the number of persons from the Czech Republic, aliens (including children) stating birth identification number, the type of accommodation request (according to the catalogue), the category and bed composition of accommodation, the name, address for service, telephone, signature of the person placing the order, with declaration that the person agrees to the 'General conditions' of Quicktour Travel Agency and expected time of arrival with the chosen type of transport. The Client who placed and signed the order is responsible for contractual obligations of other persons (participants in a stay) stated in the order. If a Czech citizen orders a stay for alien/s, he /she is obliged to state this fact. Any 'Contractual dealer of stays of Quicktour Travel Agency collects advance payment including possible supplementary payments for ordered services organised by Quicktour Travel Agency on behalf and to the account of Quicktour Travel Agency. Once advance payment is credited to the account of Quicktour Travel Agency (in the amount of 100 % for so far ordered services), the contractual dealer of stays of Quicktour Travel Agency' guarantees the contractual relationship between the Client and Quicktour Travel Agency.

V. Prices of services and payment

  1. The prices of services rendered by Quicktour Travel Agency are the prices agreed mutually between Quicktour Travel Agency and the Client in compliance with Act No. 526/1992 Coll. including VAT. The offers state prices for citizens of the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic (unless stipulated otherwise). Prices for aliens may differ from catalogue prices because of services provided above local standard. The Client takes note of the fact that he/she will be charged the full price for non-occupied beds in case that the real bed occupancy differs from the booked one (unless stipulated otherwise).
  2. If, in the period from conclusion of a binding reservation-order/travel contract till the term of its performance, there are changes resulting in a change in services or an increase in an agreed price (this shall be sent to the Client at the latest 21 days prior to commencement of the tour) by more than 10 %, Quicktour Travel Agency is obliged to immediately advise the Client of these facts. If the Client decides to cancel the order for this reason, he/she shall execute this immediately by a written notice (see VII/3). In addition, the Client is obliged to return all documents to Quicktour Travel Agency, entitling the Client to utilise the before ordered services (an issued voucher). Any reimbursement for a stay cannot be executed without returning these documents.
  3. The Client shall carry out payment of ordered services in the form of advance payment for ordered services in the amount of 100 % of the price for these services. If the order is placed way in advance before commencement of a stay (at least 90 days) and upon a written request of the Client (in the order) the advance payment can be divided into 50 % and 50 %. The first half is payable within 10 days from conclusion of a binding reservation-order/travel contract. In any case, a full value of advance payment for ordered services shall be paid at the latest 35 days prior to the commencement date of the services (unless with Quicktour Travel Agency agreed otherwise).
  4. After the advance payment is received in full, the Client receives the so-called Voucher (Accommodation certificate) that shall be produced by him/her at commencement of a stay including its copy. In case that a stay is the tour pursuant to Act No. 159/1999 Coll., possible other additional documents and information shall be attached to the travel contract and voucher in compliance with the above Act.
  5. Unless the advance payment for ordered services (including a possible supplementary payment at instalments) is received by the due dates (the decisive date is the date of crediting the sum to the account of Quicktour Travel Agency) of an issued document, it is the reason for withdrawal from the contract by Quicktour Travel Agency and the stay is cancelled without notice and reimbursement. In this case the Client shall pay cancellation fees as per Article VIII.
  6. In case that Quicktour Travel Agency cannot render all services ordered and paid by the Client, Quicktour Travel Agency shall adequately adjust the price of services at accounting for the advance payment, possibly, upon agreement with the Client, Quicktour Travel Agency will offer substitute services. In addition, Quicktour Travel Agency shall execute accounting for the advance payment in the event of price alteration and the changes required by the Client (e.g. extension of originally ordered services etc.). will send you a voucher for services.

VI. Rights and duties of the Client


  • utilise all services ordered and paid by him/her (in the amount of 100 %);
  • complain about a stay in compliance with the 'Complaint procedure' of Quicktour Travel Agency (see hereinafter), if the quality or scope of services used by the Client does not comply with the services paid by the Client;
  • withdraw from the contract anytime prior to performance of services with a complete observance of these 'conditions'; see Article VIII, 'Cancellation fees';
  • be exactly and in time informed about the quality, scope, price, and term of ordered services


  • state complete and truthful information in the paperwork for a stay;
  • pay, up to the required date, the amount of advance payment for all so far ordered services;
  • respect and honour the current regulations of the facilities and entities whose services are used by the Client. In the event of a serious breach of these regulations in such a way that further services are refused, the Client is entitled neither to refunding of advance payment nor to any other financial reimbursement.

VII. Rights and duties of Quicktour Travel Agency towards the Client

  1. The rights and duties of Quicktour Travel Agency are adequately related and comparable to the rights and duties of the Client.
  2. Travel Agency can additionally assure the services not ordered by the Client only within its possibilities upon previous agreement and providing advance payment for these services.
  3. in cases that cannot be influenced by Quicktour Travel Agency (economic fluctuations, changes in tax rates, changes in the owners of facilities rendering services, changes in contractors, re-registration of a hotel, natural disasters etc.) and in cases that in any other way prevent rendering services according to predetermined conditions, Quicktour Travel Agency is entitled in terms of these services to:
    1. change the term of a stay;
    2. change prices of a stay;
    3. change the programme, the means of transport and route, the manner of rendering services etc.;
    4. change the place of a stay;
    5. withdraw from the contract.
  4. The above authorisations also relate to the fact that when within 14 days prior to commencement of a stay, the minimum number of clients was not achieved (upon request, their number shall be advised by the dealer of stay) or in the event that Quicktour Travel Agency cannot carry out a stay for economic reasons connected with a considerable excess of expected actual cost. In the event of the above changes, Quicktour Travel Agency shall immediately inform the Client. If the Client does not agree with changes a) through d), he/she is entitled to withdraw from the contract in writing, at the latest within 5 calendar days from the notice of change, otherwise the Client is deemed to agree with the change. The decisive date is the delivery date of the notice of withdrawal from the contract. Substantial changes are not deemed: price alteration by less than 10 %, a change in the building of accommodation in the same area and of the same or a higher quality. In this case, other claims towards Quicktour Travel Agency are out of the question.
  5. If the Client already paid in advance for services and the services were cancelled by virtue of par 3), Quicktour Travel Agency is obliged to return this amount at the latest within 21 days after returning all documents entitling the Client to utilise before ordered and confirmed services (an issued voucher). It is not possible to return money without returning these documents. The Client is not entitled to any other reimbursements.
  6. Quicktour Travel Agency is not liable for damage caused to the Client due to changes resulting from 'force majeure'.

VIII. Cancellation fees

  1. The Client is entitled to withdraw from the contract exclusively in writing at any time without stating a reason. The cancellation comes into effect at the moment of delivery of this document to Travel Agency. Travel Agency is entitled to charge a cancellation fee (damages for cancellation) whose amount is determined according to the period of time between the withdrawal from the contract by the Client (i.e. delivery of the notice of withdrawal from the contract) and the first day of the services as follows (unless for a specific stay stipulated otherwise):
    1. 35 and more days in advance: no cancellation fee, the client will be charged a basic fee of 15 EUR for alteration of contract
    2. 34 - 22 days in advance: 25 % of total price of these services
    3. 21 - 14 days in advance: 50 % of total price of these services
    4. 13 - 07 days in advance: 80 % of total price of these services
    5. 6 - 2 days in advance: 90 % of total price of these services
    6. 1 day in advance: 100 % of total price of these services
  2. This also holds true in the event that the Client does not commence a stay without its previous cancellation. In terms of time, 'commencement of service' is defined as beginning from the first hour of the day on which the service is rendered.
  3. A Cancellation fee shall also be paid in the event that the Client does not participate in a stay due to incorrect or incomplete data in the order provided by the Client, such as: his/her failure to present travel documents (including the voucher) and a breach of the customs, passport, foreign exchange or other regulations.
  4. In the event of Client-initiated alterations to the original order (travel contract) that do not substantially change an agreed subject-matter of the contract and that are made up to 14 days prior to commencement of a stay (a change in the name or inclusion of a substitute, the type of boarding, extension, etc.) the fee amounts to EUR 6.00 and it is due immediately. In the event of a shorter period (a permitted change is at the latest 7 calendar days prior to commencement, unless stipulated otherwise), the fee amounts to EUR 9.00. The notice of change shall include a declaration of a new client that he/she agrees with a concluded travel contract and that he/she fulfils all conditions stipulated for performance of the tour (stay).

IX. Complaints and disputes

  1. In the event that the services included in the price of stay were not rendered in a full scope or quality, the participant is entitled to file a complaint in compliance with the Civil Code No. 40/1964 Coll. as amended (Article 852i) and possibly also in compliance with Act No. 159/1999 Coll. as amended.
  2. In order to achieve a prompt and objective settlement of a possible complaint, the Client should proceed as follows:
    1. to file a complaint without undue delay at the head of the facility rendering the services paid in advance or with another employee in charge, in such a way that a timely remedy can be made on the spot. If possible, we recommend making a brief report of complaint on the spot. In principle, it holds true that if the complaint is to fulfil its purpose, it should be filed immediately once the Client detects the facts that can be the subject of the complaint. This is the only way to prove objectively a faulty condition, to eliminate it immediately and to complete or re-render the service. Attention, food that is not returned cannot be proven a complaint. It is very difficult to prove the complaints filed later towards the provider of services. If possible, the Client should also actively contribute to elimination of the defects.
    2. if the Client also decides to file a complaint at Quicktour Travel Agency, the Client shall do this in writing (possibly he/she files the report of complaint with the dealer of stay with subsequent signature of the Client) with a detailed summary of detected defects stating identification of the employee in charge of the facility to which these defects were reported on the spot. In addition, the Client shall state how the defects were (or were not) eliminated and whether the relevant report was made on the spot. The employee of the provider of services should sign this report in the place of stay. If this signature is refused, the contact (address and telephone) of an unbiased witness is appreciated. In addition, for a timely settlement of the complaint, it is useful and fruitful to ask the employee in charge of the lodging facility (the provider of services) for the Client's voucher that the Client presented in the beginning of a stay. A record should be entered in the voucher that 'complaint of services was filed' and the voucher should be handed over to the employee in charge of the lodging facility. (Attention: if a possible complaint is not filed on the spot, the provider of services can additionally cast doubt on the complaint and it can happen that the Client will not manage to prove it! Quicktour Travel Agency has subsequently a difficult position during conducting the complaint procedure in negotiating advantages in favour of the Client.)
  3. The Client should file a complaint at Quicktour Travel Agency, possibly with the contractual dealer of stay, in writing without undue delay at the latest within 3 months after a finished stay (drawing of service), or in the event that a stay was not performed, from the day when the stay was to be finished pursuant to the travel contract. A part of the complaint is the above 'report' of faulty services. If, after a search upon a complaint at Quicktour Travel Agency the complaint is found a justified one, the participant is entitled to an adequate discount. Subject of the complaint cannot be services that were not paid in advance at Quicktour Travel Agency.
  4. The dealer of a stay shall advise the Client of the result, possibly the course of the complaint procedure, at the latest within 30 days from the date the complaint was filed.
  5. In the event of circumstances whose creation, progress and consequence do not apply to the activities and procedure of Quicktour Travel Agency or the circumstances caused by the participant, based on which the participant completely or partly does not utilise ordered and advance paid services assured by Quicktour Travel Agency, the Client is entitled neither to reimbursement of the price for such services nor to a discount of the price for a stay (unless agreed otherwise). The reimbursement for services not drawn is possible only in the event when the provider of services refunds them.

X. Transitional and final provisions

  1. These General conditions are valid for the services rendered as of November 1, 2005. The validity of these conditions can be individually modified between Quicktour Travel Agency and the Client exclusively in writing.
  2. All data and instructions included in the catalogue on stays, the scope of services, prices and travel conditions comply with information known at the time of the catalogue edition. In addition, the Client notes 'IMPORTANT INFORMATION' stated in the catalogue offer of stays of Quicktour Travel Agency.
  3. The Client confirms by his/her signature in a binding order that he/she understands these conditions and respects them in a full scope.
  4. QUICKTOUR is the holder of trade permit for operating a Travel Agency, registration number: 330101/U2009/16077/ZJ

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